Next-Gen: PlayStation 5 Launches Holiday 2020


Confirmed to launch during the next holiday season (November through December 2020), the PS5 will bundle a custom-made AMD Navi processor, support for 8K Ultra HD visuals and a new power-saving mode that’s a lot more efficient than the PS4.

We that the console can support ray tracing, with games coming back bundled on 1000GB optical discs that may be put in in individual modules victimisation the device’s integrated 4KBlu-ray player and can launch aboarda replacement PlayStation controller.
This controller can feature perception feedback and a futurist set of “adaptive” triggers (they’re the limited toggles at the highest of the controller) that deliver resistance, in step with Sony PlayStationCEO Jim Ryan and Lead System designer Mark Cerny.
Who knows, though? This design could be somewhat indicative of the console that’ll hit the shelves. Stranger things have happened

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